Last three months ago I bought a new house in Melbourne. My family and I were excited and happy about the new house and place.

But I understand that house removal from one place to another is such a tiring and exhausting process. It takes so much time and energy to plan the big move, and the timing never seems correct.

For our interstate house removals, we have decided to hire professional interstate removalists in Perth. After going through many recommendations, reviews and quotes from moving companies, we have selected the best movers in Perth for our house relocation. Here is a glance you can get from my experience and choose the best house movers in Perth.

How The Best Movers Perth Performed My Interstate House Move?

As soon as I was in touch with the Movers Who Cares company, I was impressed by their professionalism. I submitted my query form on their website, and their customer support team responded to me within an hour and made me clear about their services, cost determining factors and cancellation or refund terms of the company. After this, they asked me about the pre-move survey date to check all my goods to relocate to Melbourne.

The move manager of Movers Who Cares came to the house, explained our relocation’s whole plan and provided us with the final quotes, which was relatively cheaper than other removal companies. In fact, they gave us bits of advice to sort our goods properly and how can we make our move budgetary and safe.

On our moving day, Movers Who Cares interstate removalists came to our home before the time and quickly started the cleaning and packing the goods to be relocated.

We noticed that they have used good quality packing wraps and moving blankets to protect our fragile furniture and home appliances.

That day, we thought there would be much work, our house would be spread all over, but nothing like this happened. We just sat in a corner watching the movers working.

After packing all the furniture, electrical appliances and our other valuable things, some of the expert movers started loading it into the removal truck with the help of furniture dollies, straps and moving pads.

The driver then left with all the stuff to reach our designated location on time, and the cleaning service team disposed of all the waste things and cleaned the whole house well so that if any new person comes, he will like everything.

I am telling you seriously that watching this whole process of interstate house removals in Perth was amusing for my family and me.

They arrived at our new home in Melbourne, quickly unboxed and rearranged everything and leave with a smile. They made the entire process of our interstate house relocation easy and simple.

With the services provided by Movers Who Cares, my task was not only stress-free but also saved me a ton of my time. There are many house movers in Perth, but Movers Who Cares are the best house removalists in Perth as they made my move so easy and quick.

Some Reasons To Choose The Best Movers Perth

The reason why I would recommend Movers Who Cares as the best house movers and packers in Perth is that:

  • Delivery was done on time
  • No external or internal damage to any property
  • Service cost was budget-friendly
  • Movers arrive with their truck and tools
  • Use of premium packing supplies
  • Best customer support staff and moving team
  • One-stop for all moving requirements

To Wrap This All

Movers Who Cares is the best removalist company in Perth compared to the other Perth removalists, and their prices are much more budget-friendly.

The packing and cleaning services offered by them was a total game-changer for me. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for house movers in Perth or entire Australia.

Movers Who Cares made my moving experience a lot better and hassle-free. My decision of choosing to move with them was absolutely right. I am already recommending them to all of my friends and relatives and would recommend them to you as well.

To contact Movers Who Cares and know about their removals and cleaning services, you can visit their website or directly communicate with them via call or email.

Call us on 1800-849-008
Email at

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