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A piano is delicate and expensive, but its sentimental value heightens the importance. There are many movers in Perth but only a few are there who take genuine care of the piano while moving it from one place to another. Unlike them it’s our priority to make the process safer for you, no matter the shape and the size of the piano or other architectural complications. If you don’t want to take a risk and are searching for professional piano movers in Perth, you are at the right place. Pianos are considered as instruments for a lifetime and if you are planning to relocate such a costly instrument then that requires professional piano removalists and packing service. Most pianos are heavy, and they have different shapes.

If you try to handle the piano by yourself then possibly you might end up injuring yourself or damaging the piano. And it's even difficult at the time when there are stairs to go through. It would be wise to ask the movers like us for details of this job as we have done it in the past. Various factors are considered while moving the piano, like proper moving and disassembling tools. A proper collection of disassembling tools helps us to dismantle the piano when necessary, and go by it professionally.

Movers Who Cares understand that moving service makes a move went smoothly and stress-freely. This also blends well with our aim of delivering affordable moves to the people, who look for moving services. Unlike other piano movers in Perth, we don't follow a rigid moving cost policy. Though our hourly rates are fixed the level of difficulties (Stairs or complicated pathways) will determine the final cost of the move. We know it is hard to plan the relocations on weekdays that is why we have the removal services available for you 24*7 so that you don't face any kind of problem related to time.

We also provide pool table removals service, house removals service, man with van service, cleaning service, etc. And because we are nationally certified Piano movers, we have all the required moving resources which help pack, load, transport, unload and reorganize your piano to the desired location. We can move the piano from room to room, locally in Perth, from Perth to other suburbs or anywhere across Australia because of our large extended network.

The experience we have gained in these years has allowed us to focus on making sure your instrument is moved professionally, regardless of how unique your situation may seem. We ensure the piano packaging is done properly. Proper packaging and fixing help in transportation which is a critical part that is why we understand that it should be totally protected from shocks and jerks during the time of the transit and in storage.

Our Piano removalists services in Perth means to give a quality piano relocation at moderate cost possible to every one of our clients locally and interstate. In this way, regardless of whether you are moving inside a similar neighbourhood, or interstate and purchased another house in a different suburb or state, opening or relocating your piano business, you can feel calm and enjoy the moving, in the meantime, we move your piano to the new spot.

Our piano movers are experts in moving the oversized and heavy items to local and interstate, who are specialists in moving substantial valuables, and particularly pianos and delicate things. We provide a group of piano packing experts who will move your piano and pack it with full safety. You'll get the chance to encounter specialists moving procedures and complete removal benefits that will fulfil every one of your needs from booking till the final removal.

You can always count on Movers Who Cares for standard and affordable Piano Removalists Services in Perth that are reliable.


Pianos are pretty hard to move on your own: Most pianos are giant in size, shape, and are heavy. Some of them even gauge in excess of 1000 pounds. When managing such heavy and melodic hardware, it would be to your greatest advantage to recruit experts. In the event that you are considering moving your piano without any professional help, at that point you are not just going to chance harm to your piano but it could injure you or people involved in the moving as well. You may harm your back, you may even break a couple of bones. And if your piano is weighty, you may even wind up dropping it and even harm different things that are around it. This even goes far beyond the expense of hiring professional piano removalists.

Equipments used in moving the piano: Experts additionally accompany special tools and follow specialised techniques that will guarantee that the task is finished appropriately. A ton of them will utilize slides that are otherwise called piano sheets to relocate them to the other location. They are implied explicitly for shipping pianos. They will likewise wrap the piano with moving covers and fasten it in the Piano sliding dolly to eliminate the manual moving and ensure the safety of the Piano. Our huge fleet includes trucks with ideal hydraulic tailgate lifts, allowing individually heavy and sensitive items like Pianos to be relocated with ease.

Our Piano Removalists are well skilled in packing and handling the pianos. When it comes to handling a piano, we are capable of disseminating it using the right disassembling tools like screwdrivers, etc.

Pianos are Expensive: Pianos are one of the costly musical instruments, and to purchase them, calls for a high amount of investment. More than that they hold high sentimental value to the people. This is something that makes them indispensable. Envision an heirloom or masterpiece being taken down to the ages. And when it is you who is moving it, you wouldn't want to damage it while in the process or even take a risk of moving it on your own.

We have a high reputation in the market: At the point when you enlist an expert piano movers with a strong reputation, they will take individual consideration while moving your piano. Reputation builds after attaining perfection and being experienced! Our furniture removalists are working day and night to make their clients happy and satisfied with the moving services they are offering. We are committed towards our goals, and dedicated in delivering the best to our clients.

Affordable and transparent prices: Movers Who Cares are one of the best Piano movers when it comes to delivering the most affordable and professional moving service. Your Piano Removals will be based on the size of your piano, the distance it will travel and the complexity of the architure that we are going to take it through. Here is everyting that you need to know about how our Piano removalists moves a Piano.


Is there any obligation when getting quotes for piano relocation?

There are no commitments or obligations when you get the quote for your piano removal. Our evaluations are free and we ensure that all your private information is protected and secured with us. Also, we don't share any of your data to the outsider. You can trust us.

What is your removalists rate structure?

Rates are distributed in hourly squares of time and are generally selective of Tax. You pay just for the time we show up at your doorstep until the time we leave the drop off area. We don't evaluate durations and terms of moves via telephone.

Do I need to be there at the pickup when you deliver my piano?

Yes, our piano movers do expect somebody present at the hour of removals except if we have been allowed to enter the premises. A conveyance, Movers Who Cares expects somebody to be there to close down toward the finish of the activity as mentioned in our terms and conditions as well.

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I was provided with affordable moving services. My move was well organized and planned. Really appreciate the nature and politeness of the movers. My move went smoothly. Their throughout follow-ups made the moving day less-hassled. I truly recommend their moving services to everyone looking for house or office removals.


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I recommend Movers Who Cares for their quick response and assistance. I wanted to move the Piano immediately to the local area. But I wasn't finding any mover who could provide me with an instant man with Van.ut Movers Who Cares made my day easy. As soon as I contacted them, they arrived in less than an hour and relocated my piano.


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When it comes to giving a review to any product or service that I avail, I am pretty lazy. But this time I couldn’t miss out on giving Mover Who cares, the best removalists near me, a shout out. My day went amazingly well, I moved with my family from Perth to Melbourne and contacted Movers Who Cares on a recommendation. I didn’t want to burn a hole in my pockets by just appointing anyone out of them on my own, so I decided to take suggestions with a friend. Today I can assure you that Movers Who Cares is one of the finest movers in Perth, Australia. They can just do anything that is related to your moving day, be it packing, transporting, or unpacking. Must appreciate again for making it so a lot simpler Movers Who Cares!


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I've employed a few removalists in Perth and had combined encounters - to say the least. In any case, Movers Who Cares, Removalists were notably better than. They carried out the responsibility with care, and they did it quickly. Amazing nature, reasonable cost. Movers Who Cares removals made a phenomenal showing moving my office from Perth to Brisbane. We had under-assessed the sum of efforts that required moving however they didn't grumble, and still figured out how to get everything composed on the day. The packing was done quickly; no slacking, straight into the activity. Everything was done in a quick, perfect, and gracious way. I would prescribe Movers Who Cares' removals to anybody moving their stuff.


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