Everyone wants safe, cheap and stress-free moving, which is only possible with an expert in removal services. But finding a trustworthy and reliable moving company is a tough job. Like any other primary service, moving service has many dimensions—the team’s experience, previous customers’ reviews, market reviews, accessibility and cost.

Before choosing a removalist, it is essential to make all these points clear. There are hundreds of professional removalists and moving companies in Australia, due to which it’s not easy to choose the best between them, but how do you know you’re getting the best deal? And how do you decide which removalists are best for you?

Yes, it’s hard to find which moving company can satisfy your moving needs, but not impossible. There are several ways by which you can select the right company that will relocate your stuff safely within your reasonable budget.

Ask your friends and neighbours for the recommendation, check the reviews of the different companies to know about the company’s current performance and make a list of all the top moving companies from which you will choose a suitable company for you.

Now the question is what to ask these companies to get accurate information about their services and terms before hiring any one of them.

To make choosing your right movers easier, for what questions to ask, today Movers Who Cares has mentioned some questions that are important to ask before hiring a moving company.

Here are some basic and easy steps that can help you to choose the right and affordable removalist. Before confirming any removalists, ask some general questions listed below.


Questions To Know About Removal Services Of The Moving Company

Relocation of house and office belongings, especially fragile furniture, appliances and equipment, requires careful handling and packaging. When you decide to relocate your valuable things with the help of a moving company, having a proper set of questions to know about their services and experience is vital.

The best companies have impressive and correct answers to these questions because of their experience and successful track record. Therefore, when you ask the right question to the removalists, you will undoubtedly make out the company is trustworthy or not.

Sometimes, people get trapped in the low-cost scheme of the unskilled movers and do not ask much about the services, which results in moving scams, poor relocation and unsatisfactory moving experiences.

So that’s why you should not search to find a cheap moving company, search for a good moving company, and these few questions will go a long way in finding them.

  • Are you a licensed removalists company?
  • Since how long you are in the business of relocation?
  • What items do your movers not transport?
  • Do they hire subcontractors or experienced removalists for a move?
  • Do you have experience in moving heavy furniture and antiques?
  • What is your company’s permanent business address?
  • What type of moving-related services do you offer?
  • Do you provide packing supplies and tools on rent?
  • Do you provide move-in and move-out cleaning services?
  • What’re the ways to contact your movers and packers?
  • How can I get quotes?
  • What are the different mediums of getting quotes?
  • What are your booking cancellation terms and conditions?
  • Do you provide both local and interstate removals service?
  • Do you have all the required size trucks and vans?
  • Do you offer temporary space for storage? If yes, then for how long?
  • Can you provide me with contacts of your past customers who have hired your removals services?


Questions Related To The Cost Of The Removals Service

If the organisation is charging a high price, they are not the type of organisation you want to move to and make sure you know about the deal you’re going to be charged for, whether by the hour or if it is a set fee. The most inexpensive way to go for local transferring is an hourly rate calculated in small time increments.

Ensure there are no hidden costs for things like packing supplies, tips, or removal related difficulties. Check their packages multiple times and ask them everything about it. Don’t hold yourself under the impression that they charge what is mentioned clearly on the corner of a sheet. Ask the following questions related to the price of your removals service:

  • Do you charge an hourly fee or a fixed amount?
  • What are the payment terms and mode of your company?
  • Can I customise my relocation according to my needs?
  • Are there any extra charges for packing service along with removals service?
  • Are there any hidden charges?
  • Do I have to submit some amount as a deposit?
  • How can I pay? Cash, card or some other method?
  • What is your current clubbed offers and discounts?
  • How much notice do you need to make your booking confirmation?
  • What is your cost determining factors for the move?

It’s very common to all of us that we want the best at an affordable price, but sometimes we are attracted to the lowest price without knowing hidden terms. So we should be well aware of this and ask removalists about this.


Questions To Ask From Removal Company In Terms Of Security

Before starting your move, you should clear some essential points that can help you in any damage or loss because it is necessary to address these issues before the moving day to have complete assurance for your goods and expensive belongings.

Even some of the largest moving companies have inexperienced labour and untrained movers, which puts your goods at risk of damage and the chance of property theft.

Therefore, you should check every single detail whether the movers you are getting are well-trained or not. And if any of your belongings are damaged or stolen during relocation, how will the company take responsibility for it, and how can you claim for it. For this, ask the following essential question from the removalists company:

  • Are you offering any repair guarantee or any moving insurance?
  • Is there a proper packing and unpacking setup?
  • Do you use premium quality packing material?
  • Do you have a well-experienced truck or van driver who is well aware of the city/place of relocation?
  • How will you protect our fragile or expensive items?
  • How can I claim the damaged goods?
  • In how much time do I have to inform you about the damage?
  • What kind of insurance or valuation do you provide?
  • Do you have CCTV cameras and security guards in your storage house?
  • Is your storage house are pest and weather controlled?

These are some questions you should be clear about before you hire a removalists company for secure and hassle-free relocation of your belongings.



Moving is not stressful with the best removalists, and we hope this blog will help you in your future relocation plan. These questions are obvious enough to test a moving company, its services and how well they perform their job to fulfil the client’s requirements.

One always remember to feel free to ask everything you want to know about the removalists company because it is related to the safety of your goods.

If you are looking for any help from our Movers Who Cares, we are ready to solve all your moving-related issues and queries. Contact us via call or email and ask your questions to make your move safe and successful.
You will get more in-depth information about our services and packages.

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