Moving into a new house can be a big deal. There are many complications involved in moving into a new house. You have to take care of many things like the moving company, how to safely transport your things and so on. But, in the end, everything is fruitful, and you safely move to your new home.

However, in many situations, even after a perfect house relocation, many people don’t feel settled or may experience various miseries at their new home that indicates bad luck. It could be because they may have brought some things with them while moving, which are bringing bad luck to their new home.

If you’ve also been experiencing a string of unfavorable poor luck since relocating to a new house, you should carefully read this post to learn more about dealing with bad luck and can take action to change your fate.

Tips To Deal With Bad Luck In The New Home

There are many objects in your new home that can induce bad luck. It is necessary to take care of particular things and remove them before or while moving into a new house. Even if you don’t believe in bad luck, removing all damaged and unnecessary items from your home is necessary. Even though these superstitions are just hyped, you can still take care of them to notice some changes in your new home.

Here is a list of the things that you should avoid moving with yourself to the new home:

  1. Broken Clock: Keeping broken things, especially a clock, in your home is not a good idea. There are beliefs that a broken clock will bring pending doom to your new home. So, if you don’t want to experience bad luck in your new place, getting rid of the broken clock is essential. If that clock is your favourite and you do not want to discard it, get it fixed as soon as possible.
  2. Dead Plants: It is believed that exhibiting lifeless décor in a house brings terrible fortune and dead energy. So, eliminate every shrivelled and dead plant that no longer brings great energy into your home.
  3. Fireflies: Your children may think bringing home a container of fireflies is amusing, but be careful! A firefly entering your home implies that somebody will die shortly. So, do not try to bring this to your new home.
  4. Green Paint: Practically, green is utilized in everything from fabrics to kids’ toys, but it includes arsenic and could emit dangerous arsine gas that may cause severe health issues. On the other hand, it is also believed that having green walls in homes is a sign of the unfortunate and can bring money loss.
  5. An Aged Broom: Don’t carry the broom you had in your previous residence when you moved! According to legend, an old broom will brush away good fortune, and utilizing an old cleaning broom may transfer bugs and dirt from the previous abode. So, taboo or not, investing in a new broom is not terrible!
  6. Cacti: Pointy plants like thorny acacia could be pretty, stylish, and fantastic for brown thumbs, but according to some superstition theories, these bring poor luck and can cause conflicts in your home.
  7. Axes: Never carry an ax into a new place; not only is it a deadly tool, but it’s also a terrible sign and a source of bad luck. Instead, put the axes in the storage shed outside the home, and be extremely cautious if you use them.

Things That Can Bring Good Luck To Your New Home

Some individuals may go out of their way to bring happiness to their homes by following new house beliefs. Below are some of the things that will help you in dealing with bad luck and bring good luck to your house:

  1. Fruits: The fruit basket present on the dining table can be a great thing in your new home. Every fruit has different meanings and brings luck into your house. For example, there are fruits like apples which will help in getting peace in your home; grapes will help bring success, and so on. So you can put different fruits in your fruit basket to bring luck.
  2. Elephants: Idols of elephants represent wealth and wisdom, and their trunk signifies good luck. You can keep elephant figures in your home to bring good luck and draw bad luck away. 
  3. Horseshoes: The horseshoe has traditionally been a beloved lucky charm for house owners, often displayed near an entrance or as a knob. Different civilizations attribute different meanings to this symbol: Some believe that iron keeps evil energies away. In contrast, others believe that the amount of nails in a horseshoe brings good fortune. So you can also put it in a U shape to ensure that the good luck never goes away, or hang it facing downward to ensure that the good fortune falls on all who go under it.
  4. Spread Salt: Putting salt in the corners of doors of your new place is thought to ward off evil spirits, similar to many other new house superstitions.
  5. Goldfish: Fish represent prosperity and success, but if you don’t want to keep an aquarium in your home, a tank with a goldfish or two will be sufficient to deal with your bad luck. The colour goldfish denotes success and wealth—good fortune in a little box.
  6. Acorns: Have you been having a string of poor luck? To improve your fortunes, sprinkle a few acorns throughout the home. The ancient druids revered oak trees and collected acorns for good fortune.

Along with these, there are hundreds of things that a person can bring to their new home to get good luck and happiness. But getting the mentioned things will be easy to manage and help you deal with bad luck.


You can refer to these suggestions to remove bad luck from your new house and bring good luck. However, there are a few things to keep in mind while relocating and taking care of everything. And, if you’ve attempted everything and you can’t escape that poor luck run since shifting into a new house, it might be time to consider relocating again.

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