Whether moving a small distance or long, With every move, there are certain things for which you need to stay concerned—like safety, hiring movers, moving quotes, etc. Safety has always been one issue. Removal companies take essential measures to ensure safe moves, but in today’s time, we do have platforms like social media where provided information can be misused easily.

Therefore, avoid oversharing the facts on social media to ensure a safe move. Unfortunately, it has become one hotspot for many crimes, like cyberbullying. Basic safety removalists do maintain, but there are certain precautions that you have to follow. 

It’s that time when people are more close to their social media accounts than to any person. As a result, people share their stuff freely, which isn’t the issue but oversharing. Privacy settings will only help if you take careful steps. A line of control must be maintained to avoid sharing personal information. You do not need to mention where you are moving to, your location, phone numbers, or financial details.

Stop announcing your every move. You don’t know what intentions people have. You use these platforms; let not such social media use you. In the name of sharing moments, there is no need to update every big and small incident of your life. Let it be your life, and do not make it a public movie. People have become more interested in sharing moments on social media than in creating memories. By ensuring essential awareness, you can avoid awful incidents. 

Why should you not post about your move on social media? 

Experts say to avoid oversharing your moving details like the date of move, current location, cost of your new house, etc., on social media to prevent its dangerous repercussions. 

1)Moving Advice by experts 

Sharing on Social media can be good and bad for the same thing, which is your move. Once you notify contacts about your activity or your willingness to explore the possibility of the same, it’s prevalent for people to come up with their so-called helpful information.

But, may you don’t need it, neither asked for it nor will they advise you. Instead, they might come up with recommendations for movers or storage providers. Certainly, it might be helpful, but oversharing can never be beneficial; that’s what experts say. Moreover, sharing your details on the public platform can be a dangerous and open risk as people can misuse it very easily and quickly. 

Whether you ask your social network contacts for advice or not, just using these networks’ search tools can extract vital information that may help you to decide if you want to move. You can find neighborhood demographics, crime reports, and what people do for fun.

The more distant you are moving, the more you might want to solicit advice from your contacts about your future locale. Experts say it can be helpful if you share on social media by maintaining certain decorum. And that’s the point you need to understand how much you have to share. 

2) Security Issues 

There is a certain amount of risk that is associated with social media. Security experts warn about the possible dangers of publicly announcing such vital information. They mention not to update your status and to post online when you are not home. This includes the loaded and unloaded dates and times of your belongings. Limiting the details to close friends and family is highly advised. Even if your privacy settings are turned on, you don’t know who can see your profile and what you’re posting.

Furthermore, publicly announcing the details of your move and the activities surrounding the move could attract the attention of potential burglars. However, maintaining certain basic precautions can easily avoid such mishappenings. All you need to have is awareness. There are ways to Protect a Vacant Home. After Moving, look for tips, and everything will be sorted. 

Once your move is underway, it’s wise to limit the details of your move updates to your closest friends and family. Security experts warn against publicly posting when you are not home, as it can give way to burglars for a possible break-in opportunity. That logic extends to the dates and times you will load and unload your moving van. As mentioned above, these incidents can be avoided by focussing on the essential things. A privacy setting will only help if you stay aware. Therefore the key is to keep aware and maintain basic precautions when moving. 

3) Risk to your work life 

If you’re going to be relocating for work and in the market for a new job or want to make new business connections, posting online might be a good idea. Social media networks, such as LinkedIn, are specifically designed for this purpose. But even on these professional social media networks, it is advised not to publicly share the move’s dates, addresses, and details. This is because many people whom you don’t know and neither you are aware of their intentions can see it, and it won’t take much time to misuse such facts. 

Posting publicly about your move could also affect your current or future employment. You could be in breach of contract. If you would like to share your move on social media, familiarize yourself with the legalities of any work contracts. Once the relocation is completed, and all of your belongings are unloaded and unpacked, the risk factor is not as high. If you want to update your current location on your social media pages, now is the correct time to make the change. Just by doing this, all your friends and everyone in your contacts, who actively use social media, will see that you have moved, and the threat of significant mishappening will insanely decrease. 

4) Threat to privacy 

Never post or discuss what you paid for your new house or what you sold your current home for online. These are personal financial facts that should not be shared, and it is no one’s business to have the account amounts you spent or gained. This proprietary knowledge about household income is better kept private.

 If a friend or family member wants to know what your house sold for and the profit you made, keep it between the two of you and no one else. But never post or disclose your financial status to anyone who might benefit from it. Anyways you will be sharing the facts with the individuals you want to or maybe to someone for any advice. Other than that, there is no point in sharing it or making such details public. 

5) Major risk of crimes 

This life thing is entirely unpredictable. There are changes that you moved from one house to another because of a neighbor. Maybe your house was robbed, and you were unhappy in your old neighborhood. You might even have bought a new place because of financial reasons in this uncertain climate. Regardless of the reason, you should not use social media to post any negative comments. 

Negativity has a strange way of returning to people that could involve your job, social status or even affect friendships. There are better things to do, especially if you want to remain positive. With your new move, you are starting fresh, so there is no need to bring unnecessary drama into the picture. Especially portraying these on social media doesn’t make sense, so don’t try to make sense. 

6) Threat to your safety 

Moving recommends that you never post your old or new address anywhere online. No one wants to inform strangers where you live or about a vacant home that might be available. You never wish an unwelcome visitor or intruder to come to your front door. Always send a private email to your friends and family with your new home address. Suppose you decide to host a going-away party; call or mail invitations to those you are inviting to your party but never post it online. When you post it on social media, then it’s no more a personal thing. 

Everyone is usually proud of their new home purchase, but be careful when posting pictures that can reveal too much about it online. Also, make sure you hide the address and any street signs that can inform someone of its location. If you post pictures, limit the number of photos you post and use the privacy settings appropriately. Potential thieves can see a lot from a family photo, their belongings, possessions, number, and ages of kids. If you have yet to close on the house officially, wait to post pictures until the closing has taken place.

7) Risk to your moments 

All those photo opportunities you’ll experience during your move, remember? Go ahead and capture them with your smartphone camera. Taking a selfie with your new house or one last group photo with your favorite coworkers is okay.

However, choose unique hashtags when you post your pictures. Hundreds of people likely use common hashtags like #moving on the social media platform. Using those hashtags on your photos makes them easy for strangers to find. The social media tips above will help you move safely and smoothly. For additional help coordinating the details of your move, go with a trusted moving company. Be extra cautious about what and when you post throughout your move. 

Let’s say you’re moving to Mumbai from Ranchi, India, and you take a trip to the beach to find a house. You’ll undoubtedly take tons of pictures of your journey, even if you have little time for sightseeing. However, it’s tempting to post those pictures immediately but keep them off social sites until you arrive back at your current residence. You never know who will see that you’re miles away from home. So the basic rule to follow here is, when in doubt, don’t post, no matter how many likes or shares that post can give you.


Moving is complex and can be a highly entangled process. But things tend to get under control once you hire the best and most trustworthy moving company. Therefore look for the best moving company. 

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