Moving a pool table to your new destination is a very tough and complex process in which many things may not go according to your strategy. The difficulty comes mainly because of the weight and the size of the pool table and not having good knowledge about moving the pool table.

A pool table is as hard as moving a piano, and this difficult task requires special equipment, tools, knowledge and expertise in order to move your pool table safely to your new location, whether you’re moving it locally or across the country.

If you plan to shift to a new house and don’t know how to deal with your bulky pool table, then hiring the best pool table movers is the most reliable option to relocate your pool table safely.

Leaving these heavy and bulky objects on the professionals like Movers Who Cares in Perth set your mind free from tension about your expensive pool table.

Before you begin this arduous journey, you will have to decide whether you will be moving your pool table by yourself or you will be hiring professional pool table movers for the job.

If you want your pool table to arrive safely and without any damages to your pool table, you should use the professional moving services of a licensed pool table mover in Perth.

In this way, you will avoid injuring yourself or breaking your expensive pool table. Putting the pool table back together in your new place and levelling it correctly not be done properly if you don’t work with a professional.

But due to some reasons, many people don’t hire expert pool table removalists and choose to move their pool table by themselves.

Moving a pool table by yourself is not a favourable option, but getting complete knowledge about the steps involved in the pool table relocation process can make it easy for you.

Here we have mentioned the best procedure that every best removalists in Australia follow, and by doing this, all steps correctly will result in a successful pool table removal.


Essential Things For Pool Table Removal

Without the necessary tools, packing supplies and equipment, you can never complete your pool table removal job. There are a few things that we have mentioned below, which is essential to pack and dismantle your pool table and move it securely to the destination place. You can collect all these tools and supplies from the supermarket or borrow them from your neighbours and friends.


Proper Tools And Equipment

Moving a pool table as a whole is very challenging, and without dismantling, it becomes tough to load in the truck. Therefore, to lessen the size and weight of the pool table, you have to disassemble the pool table before packing and loading it on the truck.

By disassembling, you will not have to carry much load and reach the desired place without hurting yourself and damaging the pool table.

Here is a list of the tools which you are going to need during pool table removals:

  • Staple remover
  • Pair of needle-nose pliers
  • Set of flat-head screwdrivers
  • Socket Wrench & Power drill
  • Pair of safety goggles
  • Furniture dolly
  • Moving Straps


Instruction Manual

You have to follow all of the instructions to disassemble and reassemble your pool table correctly. If you keep the original instruction manual that you got with your pool table, that is great.

If you don’t have that manual, ask some of your friends who have experienced pool table relocation or contact professional pool table movers to assemble and disassemble your table correctly.

Dismantling and reassembling the pool table is work that only professional movers can do in a better way, so if you entrust this work to them, then you will be of great help.


Packing Materials

There are different types and grades of packing supplies available in the market; choose the premium quality material to avoid harming your pool table during transit.

Gather all types of packing material such as moving blankets, bubble wrap, plastic bags, sheets of packing paper, labels, seal bags and packing tape.

Pack all the disassembled part of the pool table with enough layers of plastic wraps and bubbles wraps and ensure that every disassembled part of the pool table is packed safely so that any part won’t get damaged during its relocation.


Moving Truck

The size of a pool table is quite large, and a big truck is sufficient for moving it safely. If you have your truck, it is fantastic.

Otherwise, you can rent it from your nearby removalists company or can hire a cheap man with a truck removals service for damage-free relocation of your pool table. Whatever the option you choose, make sure the vehicle is clean, and your pool table fits appropriately into the truck.


Steps To Move Your Pool Table

Pool table relocation is not a stand-alone task. Build a good team of friends and family members who can help you pack and relocate your pool table perfectly.

After gathering all the tools and packing stuff, undergo the steps given below for a smooth and damage-free pool table relocation.


Remove All The Pockets And The Rails

At the first step of pool table relocation, you need to remove the rails. And remember to store pockets, rails and all the screws & nuts so that you’ll be able to find them later.

Keep all the elements of your pool table, such as nails, pins, staples etc., in the same place. Small pins and nails are easily misplaced, and sometimes, your pool table has to stay in pieces forever due to missing pins.


Detach The Felt

After the removal of the rails, remove the stapes carefully to avoid ripping the felt. If your pool table felt is attached by staples, use a flat tool to separate them off.

Fold the felt and store it individually from everything else in a plastic bag to avoid further damage. If the pool table’s felt is glued to the slate, you must be extra careful when removing it to avoid tearing or pulling the material.

So while removing it, keep some caution and patience, or else your felt will not be of any use.


Remove The Slate

Here comes the hardest and the heaviest part. The slate is an essential part of the pool table and consist of one, two or three pieces and weighs about 250 kg.

With the help of two to three people, remove the screws and lift the slate. While moving it, take care of your fingers between the slate because the table can cause severe injury.

After this, pack the removed slate with moving blankets, secure it with tape to avoid any damage caused by jerks during transportation.


Separate The Legs

After removing and securing the slate, you can mostly relax because you will be at the end of the challenging work of pool table dismantling.

In comparison with removing 250 kg slate, unscrewing legs from the frame is an effortless task. Remove the legs and then pack, label and store them.


Secure All The Elements And Move

After the complete dismantling of the pool table, pack and secure everything properly with the required packing material and load it with the help of furniture dollies. Secure every piece of pool table with moving straps to prevent it from falling out of the furniture dollies and the truck.

Give extra cushioning to the pool table to avoid damage from the jerks and relocate it via the safest and shortest route. At your new spot, recollect it as it was before relocation.


In Closing

Moving a pool table is a challenging task but is achievable with the help of the right tools and knowledge. However, it also needs patience and gentleness to move a pool table safely.

We still advise you to leave this task on the professional pool table removalists because a pool table is one of the heaviest items to move.

It can be a complex task, especially for inexperienced people; that’s why it is essential to hire experienced movers. Movers Who Cares is the most trusted and experienced pool table movers in Perth, able to carefully relocate all types of pool tables and billiard boards from one place to another.

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