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Are you also planning to shift somewhere and willing to find the best temporary housing options for relocation? If yes, Best Movers Perth will rescue you from this problem. 

Everyone does not need to get a permanent home right after the first thought of relocation. However, there are moments when people or families have to stay in a location for a short period of time until they find their appropriate place to live permanently. 

The reason for staying in a temporary house may vary from one to another, but the solutions are similar for all. So, we will have a quick and brief look at this issue. So, let’s begin!

Who is basically in search of a temporary housing option for relocation?

The reasons may differ as per the consequences of the situations in an individual’s life. So, read below to have a look at that:

  • People shifting for work need to get the ideal home to live in.
  • People who sell their house early than expected but have yet to find the right place for themselves in a new location.
  • People who travel, move and stay in a location temporarily as a hobby. 
  • People constructing their houses need a place to live for a few months.

5 Best Temporary Housing Options For Relocation

We agree that it is challenging to find a place with the same comforting atmosphere as one’s own home, so we have compiled a list of potential solutions.

There is an almost infinite number of possible courses of action that an individual can choose, but in this discussion, we will limit ourselves to the recommendations made by experienced and professional house removalists in Perth. Let’s go then!

1. Rent a house by signing a lease 

If you are finding a temporary house in your area or the exact location, then getting a rental home on lease will be the best option. The lease can be either monthly or annual, which is quite acceptable. This is one of the best options for those constructing their new home or anybody who has yet to settle on a new residence.

It will be a cherry on top kind of agreement if you sign a lease of a home where you can saturate your furniture and keep your precious belongings safely. But while signing the lease, keep in mind that the tenants are accountable for all rent as stated in the agreement. So it is also essential to read and understand every word mentioned in the lease before signing it in a hurry. 

In all this, house movers in Perth may be able to help you in relocating to a suitable rental. Apart from this, getting the support of a real estate agent is also a smart option if you are new to the region and want assistance in temporary housing options for relocation.

2. Stay with loved ones

What is better than having friends and family who warmly welcome you? If they agree with your temporary stay in their home, there is nothing wrong with living with your loved ones. Yes, there are a lot of chances to get fed up with each other in a long-term stay as you will not live there as a tenant, so many things can get opposite too. 

So to solve this issue, you must divide the house chores like cleaning dishes or mopping, contribute to bills of electricity or groceries, and maintain a friendly and comfortable bond between you and your loved ones. 

3. Get a rental property on the web 

This option is best for people who want to take a rest or break or wish to a place like home during their travel. But how can you find the best bet? 

Many people are likely to rent a property via the web for a short period, but these websites can provide you with a rental house or place for the long term. 

Apart from this, you can rent a complete house, a single room inside a home, or even an apartment intended explicitly for guests, which opens many comfort gates. Furthermore, there are often reviews accessible for rentals on the web, making it simple to locate a perfect temporary home for you that matches your priorities. 

4. Reservation at an extended-stay hotel 

Why don’t you step into a hotel, as it is one of the best temporary housing options for relocation? 

Many house removalists suggest researching and listing the rates and services of all the nearby extended-stay hotels. But, you might be thinking, what kind of hotels are these? These hotels are different from others you usually visit since they will provide you with a stay of a longer duration. 

Most hotel rooms for extended periods include a main bedroom, a great living area, and a kitchen to give the feeling of home. Apart from this, in-room dining, a fitness center, a breakfast buffet, and weekly maid service are all possible inclusions to make your stay more comfortable. In addition, the commercial areas and plenty of restaurants and food alternatives are within easy reach of many extended-stay hotels. 

5. Corporation accommodation

Are you changing locations because of your job? 

Then be careful to inquire about corporate housing opportunities if your firm plans to relocate you to a new location. Whenever an employee of a significant company travels for work, that company may either rent or purchase a fully equipped house, condo, or apartment for them, and the reason behind this is to avoid the waste of time in searching for a location to stay. 

If your company does not provide corporate housing, then they must be willing to cover the cost of temporary accommodations such as an extended stay hotel room. The most important advice is to find out whether the firm will cover your relocation costs before committing to a new job. 


  1. What essentials should I take with me to the transitional housing?

The answer to this question depends on the kind of temporary accommodation you will be moving into. If you intend to rent a property that needs to be equipped and is not a specialized vacation rental, you may be required to bring essential furniture pieces and household possessions. This is because this kind of home won’t include these things. 

  1. What is the best course of action for me to take with my personal belongings?

Put them at a facility that offers self-storage. Then, transfer those things to a portable storage container and ask the professional moving company to store them.


Movers Who Care are professional house movers in Perth who can make your move go off without a hitch. Still, if you wish to do this independently, we have outlined the finest possible choices for you in the above-mentioned paragraph. 

Pick one of them based on what is most important to you, how much money you have, and how comfortable you want to be. In conclusion, we wish you a successful move. 

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