Any project needs careful planning to be successful, but this is especially true for major, complex tasks like house removals.

Therefore, if you ever need to relocate, you can be sure that you will plan your move with the highest care and effort – taking into account all pertinent variables, making all essential preparations, and organizing everything in great care. And if you’re going to utilize moving professionals, you won’t forget to reserve a moving company in advance for the day you want to move.

A crisis might arise, an unanticipated issue might prevent you from being ready in time, there might be a severe rainstorm, or the movers might suddenly cancel. Although this situation is nevertheless possible with a reputed moving company, how hard it may seem to believe. 

However, we understand the situation is not always ideal. The truth is that there are times when your movers may cancel your appointment because he has too many tasks to perform on the same day. Even if it is not a good thing, you should be prepared if your movers abruptly cancel.

Undertaking all these conditions, we have mentioned some important points to consider when movers cancel the move at the last minute. So keep reading to save yourself from last-minute hassles.

What To Do When Movers Cancel The Booking At The Last Moment?

If the relocation date is selected in the peak season, delays might happen. As many people book movers at this time, the volume of traffic increases and traffic jams become more frequent, resulting in the cancellation of the mover’s appointment. 

When your movers contact you to inform you that they have to cancel the reservation, it is unpleasant and highly stressful. But, it would help if you were kind to your mover because you were aware of that circumstance. Cooperate with them and change the moving date when it suits you, or you can do the following task to make your last-minute relocation safe and successful.

1. Get Your Deposit Back From The Movers

Receiving your deposit back is one of the options you have if the mover abruptly cancels. Don’t think twice! The movers request it as insurance if you, the consumer, cancel. However, you also reserve a date for your move by paying a deposit. You must demand a refund of your money if they cannot uphold their end of the bargain. It is acceptable.

2. Ask Your Friends To Assist You In Moving

Moving in the last minutes can be very stressful, and you can not handle it alone. So it is better to get some help from your friends and family members if your movers have canceled your bookings or you are not getting a good moving company’s appointment.

Unlike movers, your true friends will roll up their sleeves and do all the packing and loading of heavy furniture with a smile. You don’t have to cringe, but do let your friends know just how much you would appreciate it by throwing a thanksgiving party after the successful relocation.

3. Hire A Rental Truck

For the secure transportation of your goods, hire a rental truck or van according to your necessity. It is easy to get moving vehicles even at the last minute. 

Choose a well-equipped truck or van to make the loading and unloading of heavier goods and furniture easy. Place all your belongings safely into the truck and tie them appropriately so that nothing gets damaged or will fall out of the truck during transit.

4. Set New Moving Dates

If you are not getting any help to carry out your move in the last minutes, it is recommended to change the moving dates rather than putting yourself in big trouble of moving alone. Avoid shifting during the busiest season of the year and select the next date of your move between mid of the month to end of the month, and you’ll surely lower the likelihood of a last-minute cancellation.

Similarly, scheduling your relocation for a Monday or Tuesday rather than a Friday will help ensure that your truck and moving team arrive on time.

5. Hire Last Minute Movers

There are several trusted and professional moving companies, like Mover Who Cares, who have the equipment and capability to offer same-day emergency moving services. These businesses are your most superb option if your hired movers abruptly cancel; they will be able to meet your requirements even with the short notice and will come to your rescue.

Filling out a fast-moving estimate is the quickest way to get in touch with reputed last-minute moving companies and find reliable same-day movers. You will undoubtedly find a skilled expert that can handle your move that same day. The same-day moving service will cost a bit more than your first movers estimated, but it will spare you a lot of trouble and worries.


If the mover cancels at the last minute, you must have a plan in place. Alternately, by taking these given extraordinary precautions and educating yourself thoroughly about the moving process to safeguard yourself. However, it is advisable to locate a reputable moving business that can handle these circumstances easily. Nevertheless, you must maintain a calm and stress-free state so that you may think clearly. Deal with this situation right away.

If you are also in a last-minute moving situation, call Movers Who Cares last-minute movers to save your move. Call on 1800-849-008 and get a quick quote now!

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