Hiring your own automobile to move your belongings to a new home initially looks like a great idea, and occasionally, it might be just that – an alternative relocation plan that can save you money and the stress of transportation.

The two most common home moving scenarios—renting a large moving truck or hiring a moving company—that can quickly show to be out of your financial range—can both be avoided by using your private vehicle as a small moving truck.

Unfortunately, moving with your own automobile is only a practical alternative in a very limited range of relocation situations (see below). However, if you’ re fortunate, relocating with a personal vehicle may be the best option for you, allowing you to substantially simplify the moving procedure while at the same time lowering your moving expenditures.

The Best Advice For Moving With Your Own Car

See if driving your own vehicle to your new home is a good alternative for you as previously noted. But traveling with your own automobile can only be a smart option in certain situations:

You are merely relocating across town.  You can use your car to make several excursions inside the same town or city without experiencing any issues when relocating to another location.

You’re relocating nearby.  When moving locally to some other town or city within a similar state, you should once more be ready to make multiple trips with your own vehicle to carry your possessions to the new location.

There is no furniture for relocation.  Even when properly dismantled, the majority of furniture components are too enormous to fit inside a passenger automobile. If you’ve decided to leave your furniture behind or decide to sell it at a moving sale, donate it to a charity, give it away to friends, or sell it at a moving sale, you might be able to relocate using just your personal vehicle. Only a tiny family home needs to be moved. If so, your personal automobile might be the best option.

Before Opting To Relocate With A Personal Automobile, Do The Math

One of the first things you might do when considering using your car to carry your belongings to the new location is to determine whether the entire notion will be worthwhile financially. At the end of the day, aren’t you trying to save money?

Before it’s too late, do the math. Given that you are aware of the separation between the two residences, you must be able to estimate the cost of fuel for a circular journey in your car. Next, take a hard look at the items you’ ‘re transporting and try to estimate how many trips back and forth you ll need to make.

To obtain the total cost of gas, calculate the cost of fuel for one round trip by the number of trips you anticipate taking. Consider the vehicle’s wear and tear as well.

Ensure The Mechanical Condition Of Your Car

To avoid any unpleasant surprises when driving, make sure your car is in perfect operational condition. The fact is, you simply have to have faith in the vehicle to do the task without incident.

Has the automobile been inspected by a qualified auto mechanic at an approved auto care center before the initial journey if you are aware of an existing issue with the vehicle or if you want to ensure everything will go without a hitch?

Even if you are confident that your own car can handle the job, you must still take the time to perform some simple tests before you go.

  • Examine each tire, especially the replacement
  • Refill all of the vehicle’s fluids
  • Verify the car’s battery
  • Verify the interior and outside automobile lights
  • Check the brakes
  • Make sure your license and coverage are up to date once more
  • Learn more about the interstate border policies

Before Moving Any Furniture Into The Vehicle, Pause

It’s vital to remember that utilizing your automobile to relocate to a new residence is only a good idea if you don’t intend to bring any furniture with you. The majority of furniture pieces are fairly large and heavy, and they already won’t fit inside a passenger automobile.

As a result, if you happen to own a pickup truck or a van, you may still choose a few of your favorite pieces of furniture and pack them for the journey, sometimes even in their original configuration without having to disassemble them.

However, it will be nearly impossible to transport any furniture items in your sedan or even station wagon along with the rest of your belongings packed in boxes and bags. hire our furniture removals to relocate to a new residence. 

Before Putting Your Belongings In The Car, Organize Them

It’s crucial to organize your possessions and leave only what you will actually need in the new house if you’ve decided to relocate with your own automobile.

This sorting process is crucial since it will cut down on the number of automobile journeys you need to make to your new home once you’ve cleared out anything superfluous from your old one. And as you might expect, fewer car journeys automatically translate into lower costs and less time wasted while moving.

Making a thorough inventory of your whole home will help you get started with the chore of sorting.

An excellent substitute for hiring professional movers or renting a moving truck is moving with your own car. Even with the best packing practices, the amount of stuff that can often fit in a passenger car severely restricts this option for relocating a house.


In conclusion, be realistic about what you can and cannot carry in your car. It will be advisable to use a moving truck or a reputable moving company like Movers Who Cares  if you insist on bringing some or all of your furniture with you. Contact us today and get cheap transportation options for moving your goods and furniture safely to your new place.

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