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It might be stressful to move houses. It’s a tremendous job involving a never-ending list of tasks like packing up every item you own, booking removalists, organizing boxes, and extras like bond cleaning. When children are involved, the task’s difficulty increases by around 10.

But no worries, Movers Who Cares has listed a few suggestions that will assist in keeping the kids occupied on moving day, allowing you to settle into your new home quickly.

  1. Put Them To Work

Get your children to assist if they are old enough to do so. Set them a to-do list of manageable things using a clipboard and a pen. Some ideas include packing away the kitchenware, watching over the grownups, or even cleaning their room.

Giving them a reason to cross things off their list, such as letting them choose what takeout cuisine you’ll have for dinner the evening you move in, may keep them interested.

  1. Ask You Kids To Prepare For Moving Boxes

Ask your children to design the moving boxes while you’re racing around packing. Then, allow kids to run wild with their ideas by giving them some colored markers and stickers. Write or stencil some large letters on the exterior of the boxes and ask the children to fill them in so that you can still notice the labels. Consider using stickers, glitter pens, line drawings, patterns, and more!

  1. Make A Relocation Day Activity Kit 

Make a list of all the things for the kids to participate in during the day of the relocation. It needn’t be a vast assortment; just a few well-chosen, lightweight objects that might keep your kids occupied will do. This might be playdough, markers, crayons, coloring books, activity books geared for the child’s grade, sticker books, etc. Please provide them with their package of activities on a moving day so that everything will not be new and thrilling to them, making this even more special.

  1. Let You Kids Pack Their Small Items

Give the kids the duty of packing a box with the things they’ll need to adjust to their new home while you’re busy packing up the heavy house furniture. hire our house removals to pack your things in an easy way.

Please encourage them to consider all the small items they want in their new room on the first day so they won’t have to search through the boxes! PJs, cuddly animals, toiletries, and nightlights are some examples of essentials.

A significant adjustment might be made when moving into a new place. However, on the first night, having cherished belongings close by helps ease the transition and provides a sense of peace.

  1. Organize A Treasure Hunt For Your Kids

Scavenger hunts are a great way to let the kids’ inner sleuths out once you’re at your new location. Offer them a list of things to look for in the delivery of the moving boxes. They should have little trouble locating the contents if your crates are already labeled (or nicely decorated with stickers).

Ask the children to locate their favorite bedtime tale, a family portrait, or pajamas. Give the winner a prize, such as a fresh set of bedding, pajamas, or some new furniture for their room, if you wish to keep stuff exciting.

  1. Make Contest For Box Fort

Now that you’re at your new home and have many boxes and packing tape, you can start unpacking. But, first, organize a box-fort building competition to avoid having cardboard scraps all over the place!

Which rules? You may decorate any blank box with cardboard, tape, and some pens or crayons. While they assemble their cubicles and add their colorful accents, this would keep the kids occupied for at least an hour.

The following simple activities that don’t require a visit to the craft store can be done by children aged three to five to help them practice their tiny movements.

  1. Download An Entertaining App Or Game

Try downloading a movie or some games if your shifting process is lengthy. This is the perfect thing to make your kids occupied with their favorite movie or game they have longed to try.

To Conclude

Moving can be pretty challenging. When you move, it may not be accessible if your kids are with you. Having a babysitter, friend, or close relative watch your kids on a moving day might be the most important decision, but we recognize that childcare is not often a choice.

Therefore, if your children are going to be with you throughout a move, you’ll want to ensure that there are some activities for them to engage in. At the same time, you handle any last-minute packing, organizing, interacting with the movers, or any other moving day tasks that you’ll probably have to deal with.

To assist you in getting ready for the big move with kids, involve these tried-and-true moving day ideas, and for a hassle-free relocation with your kids, call Movers Who Cares. We will give you the best house-moving experience with your kids.

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