How to deal with all the furniture could be one of your worries when moving home or a small apartment. But, should you migrate everything or leave some of them at your old place? Undoubtedly, some household goods have emotional value and belong in your new place. Other items in your house are just showpieces; nevertheless, you might choose to leave behind or sell them for some money.

We understand what furniture you should move or what not can be difficult to decide, but with our given signs, you will be at ease to move only the necessary and worthy furniture to your new residence.

Read on to discover six indicators that your furniture is not worth moving.

1. When You Have Too Much Heavy Furniture

When you assess your furniture and discover it won’t fit in the new space, it’s a tell-tale sign that it won’t be worth transferring. Even after taking apart the larger pieces of furniture, if you still find that the new home is too tiny for them, then spending the money relocating this heavy furniture is not worth it. Instead, you can sell these furniture items at a good cost and bring new items that are necessary and suitable for your new place. 

From the other point of view, this is particularly true if you have heavy or oversized furniture for relocation, then it can be expensive to move them as moving firms charge according to the total weight or volume of your shipment. Therefore, your move will be cheaper the less stuff you have.

2. When Your Furniture Is In Poor Condition

When you notice the furniture body in poor condition, that is another strong hint that you shouldn’t bother transporting it. Check each piece of furniture and make a note of its current state as you try to decide what to do with it.

Consider the following questions and sort the broken and unwanted furniture from the good ones:

  • Too damaged to be utilized any longer?
  • Embossed or discolored upholstery?
  • Completely busted or partially busted?
  • Severe scratches or pet chewing damage?
  • Too shaky or squeaky?
  • Are woodworms present?

3. When There Is A Deposition Of Molds On Your Furniture

We understand the sentimental value of old and gifted furniture items from your family and friends. Still, these furniture items are very prone to mold deposition and can cause serious health issues. So, it makes no sense to pay for relocating your old, damaged, and molded furniture to your new house only to change it with new furniture soon after the move.

Instead, consider moving a few pieces of furniture, and you’ll realize that it would be better to leave behind the furniture that has experienced too many winters (or summers) and replace it with new pieces that go with the new flat or house style and decor.

4. When Cost Of Furniture Relocation Is More Than Your Budget

Be honest for a moment. Moving some of your belongings will cost more. This can be the ideal opportunity to leave behind any of these objects you no longer value or utilize. If you have an antique grand piano and are thinking about taking it with you, don’t do this because the cost of relocation will be more than it’s worth. So, leaving such kinds of items will make you move more rapidly and reasonably as a result.

5. When You Are Moving Long-Distance

Moving great distances indicates that you shouldn’t bother with your current furniture. Moving far away costs a lot of money, whether going to a different state or city. Cutting costs everywhere is vital because all moving expenses add up, no matter how small they may appear. Therefore, leaving your furniture behind when moving a considerable distance can save you money. In most circumstances, buying new furniture after you move into your new house will be less expensive than carrying your old furniture with you.

6. When You Do Not Have The Right Assistance And Tools

Not getting assistance for your furniture removalists is your next red flag that your furniture is not worth transporting. Moving furniture requires too much effort, which is another incentive to leave it behind. Leave the pool table behind if you are not hiring a reputable moving company or do not have anyone to help you; it is not worthwhile. 

Another thing is, to relocate furniture correctly, you must have additional moving tools such as furniture sliders, furniture straps, moving dollies, etc. If you do not have the tools and professional skills to move heavy furniture, decide to leave them to save yourself from any injury.

What To Do When Your Furniture Is Not Worth Moving?

You could be unsure what to do with certain furniture pieces after deciding they are not worth moving. You have many possibilities, which is wonderful news. 

Here are the things you can plan for the furniture you are leaving behind:

  • First, you can plan a pre-move yard sale to raise extra money for the trip. If selling them online appeals to you more, go ahead and do that. Sites like Facebook Marketplace, Instagram store, and many others let you freely advertise your possessions for sale or giveaway.
  • If you wish to donate your furniture for free, the local charity is a great option. Reach out to them in advance to save time because some charitable organizations even provide a free pickup.
  • For disposal of broken furniture, you can speak with the waste managers and dispose of anything that is no longer needed.
  • You may also present some of the items, so see if any of your loved ones or friends could benefit from whatever you plan to leave behind.

To Conclude

Moving your furniture into a new apartment or house is a significant task for anyone, and it may take some time to get it done properly. But planning smartly beforehand will always be beneficial. Holding onto some of your favorite pieces of furniture is one approach to making this shift more straightforward. This will help you get rid of things that weigh you down but don’t bring much to your life. So, don’t hesitate to donate, sell, or trash whatever you no longer want. This is an excellent method for moving hassle-free and inside your budget. 

To get professional assistance for furniture removals in Perth, contact Movers Who Cares. We have excellent tools and expert furniture movers that will help you shift your furniture items safely to the new location at a budget-friendly rate.

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