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Moving to a new house is both memorable and stressful. Relocating a house brings too much burden on your head. We recognize your state of mind that while working and performing all the other responsibilities, relocation to another place is a bit stressful and frustrating.

Headache that comes while shifting to an unfamiliar place, changing your job, your children's school, shifting that valuable furniture, and entering into a new city, are some challenges that not all movers in Perth understand while providing their services. With Movers Who Cares, our services go beyond furniture removals.

Your mind would be a total mess up before one week of moving and during the day of removals. But we ensure that our clients sit back and relax during their move without caring about how things will go.

Movers Who Cares is providing house removalists service in Perth for the last 8 years with impeccable recognition in Claremont, Perth. Many people hurt themselves or break their valuable goods while moving their houses.

Movers Who Cares believe that each and every human being is an expert in some or other thing. Everyone has their own ability to work, and we are experts in Moving houses. If you are living in Claremont, Perth, and looking for local or interstate house removals, Movers Who Cares is present right at your service.


Planning: Movers Who Cares provides free house moving quotes. Our surveyor will perform a survey over a phone call or examine your property to recognize the work that is required to be done. Our Experienced surveyor will list down each and every item in your house according to the room. The listing process will help Movers Who Cares to plan for the quantity and size of moving boxes and packing materials, prepare for the special handling, and finalize the quote.

Packaging: Our Professionals will pack your stuff one day before your moving day. We grasp the value of time, so before final removal, we pack your stuff in our custom-built boxes. So that we can finally transport your valuables on that day and assemble them on your location. Movers Who Cares additionally provide cleaning service to their valued customers. Our experienced Removalist knows how to pack each and every item, intact. to ensure that your antiques are packed tightly, we stuff them with cotton and use a double-layer packaging technique, so that these fragile won't get broken or damaged while in transit or in storage.

Delivering and reassembling: The inevitable step of our house relocation process is to securely deliver your goods to your new destination and reassemble or unpack them. We have also installed a Gps device to ensure that your stuff is safe and secured and most importantly is trackable. As we are in the Removalists services for the last 8 years, we have a solution for any unforeseen difficulties. Movers Who Cares promise that they will not leave reassembling on your head. Our expert house removal Claremont, Perth team will open all the packages and cross-check with the checklist and place your house items in their respective places.


8 years of experience: Never trust a newbie for your house removal cause you will surely end with a bad experience. If you are looking for house removals near you, Movers Who Cares is at your service in Claremont, Perth. Experience is something that matters the most in removalist service. We have an experience of 8 years in house removals service in Claremont Perth. As our name suggests Movers Who Cares means movers who take care of their customers have completed more than 2000 successful and secured house removals.

Cheap house Moving charges: Movers Who Cares provide a set of professionalism, service along with cheap moving rates. We know that other house removalists service providers charge unreasonably high, but as we care for our customers we charge from a very cheap and reasonable amount. The reason for our recognition in the market is because of our budget removalists services in Perth.

Door to Door Service: Movers Who Cares provide your stress of house relocation to us by providing door to door packaging of the house, dismantling and reassembling of your house, and providing options for storing, cleaning, and providing insurance service for your house relocation.


Cleaning Your Both houses: As you know, your house will be a dirty place after your relocation because it includes heavy dust, wrappers, tapes, poly bags lying all over your house. Movers Who Cares believe that your old house should be as clean as your new house. For that reason, our house removalists in Perth provide an extra service for Cleaning. We understand that after an exhausting house removal process, you don’t have the energy to clean your new house. Cleaning is a very time consuming and exhausting process. As we care for our customers, our cleaning service includes cleaning of both your old and new houses. Our cleaning service will make your experience blissful as you can rest or enjoy the ending of your moving day.

Custom boxes for sale: Are you looking for cheap house movers in Perth who provide secured moving boxes for keeping unused stuff? Movers Who Cares to provide different sizes of custom made boxes, heavy plastic bubble wrappers, and blankets cover your goods. Our boxes are made up of heavy material that provides full protection for your goods. They have an attached page slip in which you can write the items which are inside the box. Instead of throwing your unused items, you can put it safely inside our custom boxes. All these items are available at our store in Claremont, Perth. We use these boxes and packing material in our house removalists service in Claremont, WA.

Warehousing Facilities: If you are still not sure about your new destination to keep your valuable goods, we provide warehousing facilities for our customers. Our warehouse is located in Claremont, Perth that is fully guarded and secured by the safety measures. To maximize the security level of our warehouse in Claremont we have established CCTV cameras. We provide warehousing facilities so that you can search for a good house without stressing about your valuable goods.

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Movers Who Cares does not charge for providing any kind of moving quotation. To get house removalists in Claremont, Perth, call us on 1800-849-008 or mail us at Movers Who Cares also provide office removal, furniture removalists , a man with a van, piano removal service, pool table removals and interstate removals in Claremont, Perth


Why are the moving companies so expensive?

We don't know about other removalist service but, Movers Who Cares starting house removal charges are very competetive. You should understand that we have to pay wages to our workers, maintenance of trucks, taxes, office premiums and managing all other unforeseen expenses. Therefore, what if your 1500 $ dining table breaks down while you are relocating it or you injured yourself in the process. Get your free quotes.

What happens to my goods once they move from my residence?

Movers Who Cares provides door to door service without any transhipment. We take full care of your goods and does not handle your precious goods to anyone else. As soon as your goods are moved it will direct to our warehouse or at your destination. Your valuable goods are placed safely in our warehouse until the order of dispatched is placed from your side.

Can I move my car?

Movers Who Cares does not seek any project as too big or too small, we provide relocation service for cars. We provide inclusive car removal option and car with truck removal option to our potential customers.

Will my goods unpacked at the destination?

Yes, Movers Who Cares pack, load, unpack and assemble your goods in your new destination. We unpack all goods and arrange it according to your new house.

How long does the pre move survey of house relocation last?

House relocation pre-move survey by our experienced surveys will take around half an hour to one hour. Our surveyor will make a moving list of your house goods which need to be relocated from Claremont, Perth.

What are house removals quotes or estimates?

To know the removal estimation price given to the client to know the rough calculation of the cost of relocating by our Perth removalists team. You can always contact us to know the estimated price, we need to do a survey or need to visit your property to know the work that is required to be done. Although you can take the quotes over the call, however, we recommend you to take it in writing.

Can you relocate, our house on weekends?

We fully understand our customer's house removalists requirements and know that it is not possible for everyone to do all kinds of stuff on weekdays. Especially at the time of interstate relocation. Therefore, we have an experienced and reliable removalist team (truck with a 2 man) that is always available for you whether it is a weekday or weekend to provide you with a smooth and hassle-free house removalists service In Claremont.

Are there any hidden charges for house relocation?

All of our estimates are quoted are just for your rough calculation. The exact cost is determined after our surveyor comes and visits your property and will perform a pre-move survey. The price told to you after the pre-move survey will be the final price and there will be no other hidden charges.

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I was provided with affordable moving services. My move was well organized and planned. Really appreciate the nature and politeness of the movers. My move went smoothly. Their throughout follow-ups made the moving day less-hassled. I truly recommend their moving services to everyone looking for house or office removals.


Best Piano Removalists in Perth

I recommend Movers Who Cares for their quick response and assistance. I wanted to move the Piano immediately to the local area. But I wasn't finding any mover who could provide me with an instant man with Van.ut Movers Who Cares made my day easy. As soon as I contacted them, they arrived in less than an hour and relocated my piano.


Cheapest Removalists in Perth

When it comes to giving a review to any product or service that I avail, I am pretty lazy. But this time I couldn’t miss out on giving Mover Who cares, the best removalists near me, a shout out. My day went amazingly well, I moved with my family from Perth to Melbourne and contacted Movers Who Cares on a recommendation. I didn’t want to burn a hole in my pockets by just appointing anyone out of them on my own, so I decided to take suggestions with a friend. Today I can assure you that Movers Who Cares is one of the finest movers in Perth, Australia. They can just do anything that is related to your moving day, be it packing, transporting, or unpacking. Must appreciate again for making it so a lot simpler Movers Who Cares!


Instant Removalists Services

I've employed a few removalists in Perth and had combined encounters - to say the least. In any case, Movers Who Cares, Removalists were notably better than. They carried out the responsibility with care, and they did it quickly. Amazing nature, reasonable cost. Movers Who Cares removals made a phenomenal showing moving my office from Perth to Brisbane. We had under-assessed the sum of efforts that required moving however they didn't grumble, and still figured out how to get everything composed on the day. The packing was done quickly; no slacking, straight into the activity. Everything was done in a quick, perfect, and gracious way. I would prescribe Movers Who Cares' removals to anybody moving their stuff.


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