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Some things in our house are costly, and one of them is our Spa and bathtubs. Bathtubs and spas are loved by everyone, from kids to even the oldest person in the house. Their presence makes the place comfortable and reflects luxury. Once a bathtub or spa lands in our place, it gets hard to get over these comforting items, and we also start to connect with these things emotionally, forming memories. Although you must be enjoying your bathtub for a long time, the problem is how to move your bathtub if you are thinking of moving a house; as we understand, it gets tough to part ways with something you love. Even when it is empty, it is tough to move it; that's why we recommend not attempting to move your hot tub yourself; otherwise, it can severely injure you. And not only you, but it can also damage the bathtub and the things around during the move, which will end up costing you a lot. That's why Movers Who Cares with their Bathtub Movers Perth is here to tackle these situations with ease; we have arranged our services to provide you with the comfort you want, so we provide the removal services as bathtubs and spas are extremely heavy when moved.

Over these eight years of service, we, with the help of our Bathtub Movers Perth have relocated more than 3000 spa tubs and hot tubs like clawfoot and pedestal baths, recessed bathtubs, accessible standing bathtubs, corner bathtubs, whirlpool bathtubs, shower bathtubs, steel bathtubs and many more. We have done many Bathtub Removals in Baldivis, Perth and have gained a fair amount of experience.

How Do Our Bathtub Removalists In Baldivis Work?

Examining And Draining The Bathtub: Movers Who Cares is there to help you in this stressful task of removing your bathtub. Our Bathtub Movers in Baldivis will examine the height and width of your spa tub with the dimensions of the entrances of your house. This auditing is to determine the moving path of your hot tub from your home and the requirement of the tools and equipment for safe relocation.

A small hot tub that fits two or three people inside weighs around 500 lbs when it's empty, but it can weigh up to 1500 lbs when full of water. So it is necessary to drain your spa tub well to reduce its weight for a successful relocation. You can drain your bathtub yourself, close the water supply for at least 24 hours before moving day and let it dry.

Disassembling The Bathtub: After examining your spa tub or bathtub, our bathtub movers in Baldivis will securely disassemble the parts of your spa tub, which is a crucial step to ensure safe transit. Our furniture removalists Baldivis team use hi-tech tools for disassembling and have the excellent skills required to dismantle a bathtub. So disassembling your valuable hot tub task is not a big deal for our movers.

Protective Packaging For The Bathtub: For a successful relocation, the packaging of your bathtub needs to be perfect. To make a spa tub, makers use rotomolded plastic material that needs extreme care during relocation because of its delicate nature. Our removalists will pack your bathtub or spa tub inside a custom polystyrene foam box to avoid damage to your valuable spa tub. Our professional Baldivis bathtub removals services uses special equipment such as a dolly, tail-lifts, gloves, blankets to make your spa removal easy and stress-free. Hot tubs consist of fragile equipment like a heater, blower, and pump, which have a complicated system of an electric unit. Our removalists will pack every single item of your bathtub with layers of bubble wrap to prevent these items from external damages.

Bathtub Removal And Reassembling: The final step in your spa tub removals services is to shift your spa tub to your desired place. As soon as we reach your new place, our bathtub movers quickly reassemble your bathtub correctly and make it ready to use. We are consistently fulfilling our promises made with our customers and provide a complete safe removal experience.

FAQs | Bathtub Removalists Baldivis

Are your bathtub movers experienced?

Movers Who Cares has fully trained bathtub movers as required by the Australian Association of Removers standards. Each staff member has at least two years of experience. Our removalists provide extraordinary service to our customers, and for that, they have undergone specific training before going into the relocation process. So, Get your free quote to see for yourself!

Do you provide spa tub disposal service?

Yes, we provide a spa tub disposal service. We dispose of your bathtub in the appropriate way and place. Our professionals will disassemble your spa tub from your home and leave it in nearby disposal centres.

Can you relocate our house on weekends?

We fully understand our customer's requirements and know that everyone will not be ready for the removal process on weekdays. Therefore, we have an experienced and reliable bathtub movers team always available for you, whether it is a weekday or weekend. Our best removalists provide you with a smooth and hassle-free bathtub removals services in Baldivis.

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I recommend Best Movers Perth for their quick response and assistance. I wanted to move the Piano immediately to the local area. But I wasn't finding any mover who could provide me with an instant man with Van.ut Best Movers Perth made my day easy. As soon as I contacted them, they arrived in less than an hour and relocated my piano.


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When it comes to giving a review to any product or service that I avail, I am pretty lazy. But this time I couldn’t miss out on giving Mover Who cares, the best removalists near me, a shout out. My day went amazingly well, I moved with my family from Perth to Melbourne and contacted Best Movers Perth on a recommendation. I didn’t want to burn a hole in my pockets by just appointing anyone out of them on my own, so I decided to take suggestions with a friend. Today I can assure you that Best Movers Perth is one of the finest movers in Perth, Australia. They can just do anything that is related to your moving day, be it packing, transporting, or unpacking. Must appreciate again for making it so a lot simpler Best Movers Perth!


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I've employed a few removalists in Perth and had combined encounters - to say the least. In any case, Best Movers Perth, Removalists were notably better than. They carried out the responsibility with care, and they did it quickly. Amazing nature, reasonable cost. Best Movers Perth removals made a phenomenal showing moving my office from Perth to Brisbane. We had under-assessed the sum of efforts that required moving however they didn't grumble, and still figured out how to get everything composed on the day. The packing was done quickly; no slacking, straight into the activity. Everything was done in a quick, perfect, and gracious way. I would prescribe Best Movers Perth' removals to anybody moving their stuff.


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