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The piano is a stringed acoustic musical instrument invented by Bartolomeo Cristofori. An average piano weighs around 500-1200 lbs of weight and costs around 3000$ to 7000$. A piano is considered a lifetime product as it lasts more than 75-100 years. The relocation of such a heavy and expensive musical instrument is not possible by a normal man. Relocating piano yourself is an impossible task. No one would like to damage their valuable piano in the process. We Movers Who Cares have an advanced professional piano moving team. Our piano movers in Applecross, Perth team has experience of 8 years in the Removalists industry.

It does not matter whether you want to relocate your pianos from the Piano shop to your home or from your home to the concert hall or anywhere. With the help of the right piano lifting tools and equipment, we make the piano move way easier as compared to when you were to move it on your own. We understand the value of time, so we are very particular on-time demand for piano removals. Nothing is worse than not having a piano mover on your concert day. Whether it is an upright piano, pianola, or grand piano, we relocate every type of pianos.


If you are living in Applecross and looking for a removalist near you, who provides professional and affordable piano moving services across Australia, then Movers Who Cres is the best choice for you. We have successfully been moved around thousands of Pianos both local and interstate in Australia. Our Piano moving services have made People’s lives easier, by bringing to them the most affordable, and simultaneously quality services.


It is impossible for a single man to relocate a piano. To relocate piano from Applecross, Perth you need a professional team for shifting a piano. Many Australians buy piano moving equipment on their own at a very costly price. When they try to relocate piano on their own they either hurt themselves or damage their piano.

Plastic covers and blankets: Plastic covers are essential not only will this keep all the piano's moving parts in place, but it will also protect the piano from becoming scuffed, and prevent any costly damage. These are the common equipment our piano movers in Applecross use for piano relocation.

Custom designed pianos covers: These designed pianos covers will protect your valuable piano from any kind of damage. These piano straps are very important in the removal process to provide safety to your piano.

Working gloves: Moving 700 lbs with bare hands does not sound good. Lifting and moving a piano with bare hands can result in damage to either your hands or the piano. The reason our expert team wears gloves to protect their hands from damage and help them for a better grip and avoid slipperiness from hands.

Piano shoes and slippers: Piano shoes are the cases in which the piano can be safely transported to your destination. We use this type of big shoe case to store your piano for our piano removals service. Movers Who Cares use piano slippers cases to transport grand and baby grand pianos.

Piano dollies and its steps: Movers Who Cares have framed a custom heavy steel piano dolly or trolley with wheels. This trolley will help you load up your piano and the straight wheels will help you move from straight doorways piano dolly are used to transport specially used upright pianos. The steps help pianos to fix inside the trolley which adds a protective layer to the piano.

Pianos shifting trailer and slide glides: We understand the hurdle of shifting piano on wooden floors. For the Wooden floor, our piano shifter trailer and slide glides help your piano move smoothly.


We offer a secured piano relocation process: No one likes to damage their 4000$ piano instrument just to save a few dollars. These damages have occurred when normal people have tried to relocate their Pianos. We have been serving for 8 years in the market with an impeccable removalist record. The most important reason to choose professional piano movers is to have a safe relocation process.

We are Punctual Piano Removalists: “Movers Who Cares” are known for their delivery process. Our Piano movers in Applecross, Perth always finish the work before the estimated time limit. Our experienced staff members who are with us for 8 years have full-fledged knowledge of all the routes and are familiar with completing the moves on time.

  • Get your free estimated quotes on piano removals service. Our surveyor will calculate the price on the basis of the distance of removal, architecture style, and any other type of hurdle if there is or not. They also notice what special handling of the Piano will be needing on the day of the relocation.
  • As soon as you get your free quotes Movers Who Cares will give you an estimated time or duration of the removal process along with the budgetary price.

We have 8 years of experience in Removalist Service:Experienced is something which cannot be purchased. The bonding of Movers Who Cares with their professional team members and with their clients is irreplaceable. We have met some clients who have purchased piano removal equipment for 3000$-5000$ and could'nt handle that equipment due to lack of the right skills.

Insurance: Movers Who Cares to provide full insurance for any damage caused to your piano during relocation. Our main aim is to see our clients happy so we provide full insurance along with the removalist service. We know that other removal service providers do not provide insurance along with their service, but as our name suggests “ Movers Who Cares” we care for our valued customers. The reason to provide insurance cover to the customers is that they feel burdened while moving with removalists they never have used. For their consolement, we reserve a right for them to claim for their damage.

Affordable piano removal charges: Along with being a professional piano removalist in Applecross, Perth, we provide service at a very cheap rate. With the help of the right moving tools and equipment, we actually carry out a very cost-effective move, as it takes less time for us to complete the removals, or anyway when done the right way. We reduce the unnecessary amount of time from the overall move, to make it easier and affordable for the clients.

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Movers Who Cares does not charge for providing any kind of moving quotation. To hire piano removalists in Applecross, Perth. Call us on 1800-849-008 or mail us at Movers Who Cares also provide house removals, office removal, a man with a van removal, furniture removals, pool table removal and interstate removalists services in Applecross, Perth


How much experience do you have in moving a piano?

Mover Who Cares has experience of 8 years in piano removals service and we have relocated around 2000+ pianos in the period of 8 years in Applecross, Perth, Australia. We have completed around 4000+ projects by providing satisfactory results to our customers. We are not an individual man operator, We are a team of experienced 25 removalists. We always believe in working in a team to ensure our as well as your property safety. Get your free quote.

How far in advance, we should book your moving service?

We are a well-established removal company in Applecross, Perth. Our removal truck is generally seen in the city. We move the piano every day out, if our truck and our men are free you can fit you on the same day if you lie within our working area.

Do you also provide tuning of the piano after the removal?

No, we don’t provide piano tuning after removal. Tuning piano and relocating piano are two different things like cricket and ballad dancing. Similarly, cricket and ballad dancing are not correlated exactly. Removal service and piano tuning cannot be performed. We make sure to provide full protection of your piano.

What are piano removals quotes or estimates?

To know the removal estimation price given to the client to know the rough calculation of the cost of relocating by our Piano Removalist in Applecross, Perth team. You can always contact us to know the estimated price, we need to do a survey or visit your property to know the work that is required to be done. Although you can take the quotes over the call, however, we recommend you to take it in writing.

Can you relocate, our piano on weekends?

We fully understand our customer's requirements and know that it is not possible for everyone to do all kinds of stuff on weekdays. Especially at the time of interstate relocation, therefore, we have a large piano movers team that is always available for you. We do work on the weekends.

Are there any hidden charges for piano relocation?

All of our estimates are quoted just for your rough calculation. The exact cost is determined after our surveyor comes and visits your property and will perform a pre-move survey. The price told to you after the pre-move survey will be the final price and there will be no other hidden charges.

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I was provided with affordable moving services. My move was well organized and planned. Really appreciate the nature and politeness of the movers. My move went smoothly. Their throughout follow-ups made the moving day less-hassled. I truly recommend their moving services to everyone looking for house or office removals.


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I recommend Movers Who Cares for their quick response and assistance. I wanted to move the Piano immediately to the local area. But I wasn't finding any mover who could provide me with an instant man with Van.ut Movers Who Cares made my day easy. As soon as I contacted them, they arrived in less than an hour and relocated my piano.


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When it comes to giving a review to any product or service that I avail, I am pretty lazy. But this time I couldn’t miss out on giving Mover Who cares, the best removalists near me, a shout out. My day went amazingly well, I moved with my family from Perth to Melbourne and contacted Movers Who Cares on a recommendation. I didn’t want to burn a hole in my pockets by just appointing anyone out of them on my own, so I decided to take suggestions with a friend. Today I can assure you that Movers Who Cares is one of the finest movers in Perth, Australia. They can just do anything that is related to your moving day, be it packing, transporting, or unpacking. Must appreciate again for making it so a lot simpler Movers Who Cares!


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I've employed a few removalists in Perth and had combined encounters - to say the least. In any case, Movers Who Cares, Removalists were notably better than. They carried out the responsibility with care, and they did it quickly. Amazing nature, reasonable cost. Movers Who Cares removals made a phenomenal showing moving my office from Perth to Brisbane. We had under-assessed the sum of efforts that required moving however they didn't grumble, and still figured out how to get everything composed on the day. The packing was done quickly; no slacking, straight into the activity. Everything was done in a quick, perfect, and gracious way. I would prescribe Movers Who Cares' removals to anybody moving their stuff.


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