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Moving to a new house is both memorable and stressful. Relocating house brings too much responsibility on your head. We understand your feelings that while working and performing all the other responsibility, Relocation to another place is Bit Stressful and Frustrating task too. Changing your job, your children's school, shifting that valuable furniture and entering into a new city or a place is all understood by our professional Team. Different types of thoughts and are going through your mind, your mind would be totally messed up during the time of removal. Movers Who cares is providing house removalists service for the last 8 years with impeccable recognition in Fremantle, Perth. Many people while shifting house with no experience results either hurting themselves or breaking their valuable goods. Movers Who Cares believe that each and every human being is an expert in some or other thing. Everyone has their own ability of working and we are expert in Moving houses. If you are living in Fremantle, Perth and looking for local or interstate house removal Movers Who Cares is right at your service.

How ourHouse Movers Perth team relocate customers' houses in Fremantle, Australia?

Planning: The first step in the relocation process is to get a free house moving quote. Movers Who Cares provides free house moving quotes. Our surveyor will do a survey over a phone call or visit your property to know the work that is required to be done. Our Experienced surveyor will list down each and every item in your house according to the room. The listing process will help Movers Who Cares to plan for the number of packages required. As soon we get a correct estimation of the number of packages required, We get clear about the number of Cartoons required along with Number of trucks required for your House Relocation from Fremantle, Perth.

Packaging: Our Professional will pack your house items for your house shift on the previous day of removal. We grasp the value of time, So before final removal, we pack your house things in our custom Boxes. So that we can finally move your valuable good on that day and assemble them on your location. Movers Who Cares also provide cleaning service to their valued customers. Our experienced Removalist know to pack each and every item with full safety like glass utensils are packed by stuffing rough paper and then covering it with layers of sheets. We are in house removal work for the last 8 years in Fremantle, Perth, WA. We have relocated more than 2000+houses.

Delivering and reassembling: The final step of our house relocation process is to securely deliver your goods to your new destination and reassembling it. For security reasons, we have installed Gps Devices on our every moving Vehicle.
As we are in the removals business for the last 8 years, we have a solution for any unforeseen difficulties. Movers Who Cares Promise also promise that they will not leave reassembling of your head. Our expert house removal team in Fremantle, Perth will open all the packages and cross-check with the house list and place your house items in their respective place.

Three major reasons to Choose us for a house removal in Fremantle, Perth

8 years of experience: We have an experience of 8 years in house removal service in Fremantle, Perth. If you are looking for house removal near me, Movers Who Cares are at your service in Fremantle, Perth. Experience is something which matters the most in removalist service. Never trust a newbie for your house removal cause you will surely end with a bad experience. As our name suggests Movers Who Cares meaning movers who take care of their customers have completed more than 2000 successful and secured house removals.

Cheap house removal charges: Movers Who Cares provide a set of professionalism, service along with cheap moving rates. We know that other house removalists service providers charge a very high and unreasonable amounts, but as we care for our customers we charge from a very economical and low amounts. The reason for our recognition in the market is because of our cheap and professional removal service.

Door to Door Service: Movers Who Cares provide your stress of house relocation to us by providing door to door packaging of the house, dismantling and reassembling of your house and providing options for storing, cleaning and provide insurance service for your house relocation.

Our additional house removalists services in Fremantle, Perth:

1. Cleaning Your both houses: We all have heard the phrase Cleanliness is next to godliness. As you know, your house will be dirty place after your relocation cause it includes heavy dust, wrappers, tapes, poly bags lying all over your house. Movers Who Cares Believe that your old house should be as clean as your new house. For that reason, we provide an extra service for Cleaning. We understand that after an exhausting house removal process, you don't have the energy to clean your new house. Cleaning is very time consuming and exhausting process. As we care for our customers, our cleaning service includes cleaning of both your old and new houses. We clean your old house which is full of wrappers, heavy dust, tapes, poly bags and your new house which needs to be settled and cleaned. Our cleaning experts will make your new house a better place in your living by cleaning all the dust and negatives from your house. Our cleaning service will make your experience blissful as you can rest or complete your other responsibility.

2. Custom boxes for sale: Are you looking for different sizes of secured moving boxes for keeping your unused stuff. Movers Who Cares to provide different size of custom made boxes, heavy plastic bubble wrappers and blankets cover your goods. Our boxes are made up of heavy material which provides full protection for your goods. They have attached page slip in which you can write the items which are inside the box. Instead of throwing your unused items, you can put it safely inside our custom boxes All these items are available at our store in Fremantle, Perth. We use these boxes and packing material in our house removalists service in Fremantle, WA.

3. Warehousing Facilities: If you are still not sure about your new destination to keep your valuable goods, we provide warehousing facilities for our customers. Our warehouse is located in Fremantle, Perth with full protection of house guards. To maximize the security level of our warehouse in Fremantle we have established CCTV cameras. As soon as you settle in Fremantle you can withdraw your goods from our house. It is difficult to find a good place for living and the most difficult thing is to relocating again and again. For that reason, we provide warehousing facilities so that you can search for a good house without stressing about your valuable goods.

Contact us today for your house removal and get free Moving Quotes

Movers Who Cares does not charge for a free moving quote. To get House Removalists service in Fremantle, Perth. Call us at 1800-849-008 or mail us at To find us on google simply checks Removalist near me or search for cheap removalists Perth.

Frequently asked question on House Removalists Service in Fremantle, Perth

Why are the moving companies so expensive?

We don’t know about other removalist service but, Movers Who Cares starting house removal charges are reasonable and economical. You should understand that we have to pay wages to our workers, maintenance of trucks, taxes, office premiums and managing all other unforeseens expenses. Therefore, what if your costly and expensive dining table breaks down while you are relocating it or you injured yourself in the process. Get your free quotes

What happens to my goods once they move from my residence?

Movers Who Cares provides door to door service without any transshipment. We take full care of your goods and does not handle your precious goods to anyone else. As soon as your goods are moved it will direct to our warehouse or at your destination. Your valuable goods are placed safely in our warehouse until the order of dispatched is placed from your side.

Can I move my car?

Movers Who Cares does not seek any project as too big or too small, we provide relocation service for cars. We provide inclusive car removal option and car with truck removal option to our potential customers.

Will my goods unpacked at the destination?

Yes, Movers Who Cares pack, load, unpack and assemble your goods in your new destination. We unpack all goods and arrange it according to your new house.

How long does the pre move survey of house relocation last?

House relocation pre move survey by our experienced surveys will take around half an hour to one hour. Our surveyor will make a moving list of your house goods which need to be relocated from Fremantle, Perth.

What are house removals quotes or estimates?

To know the removal estimation price given to the client to know the rough calculation of the cost of relocating by our Perth removalists team. You can always contact us to know the estimated price, we need to do a survey or need to visit your property to know the work that is required to be done. Although you can take the quotes over the call, however, we recommend you to take it in writing.

Can you relocate, our house on weekends?

We fully understand our customer's house removalists requirements and know that it is not possible for everyone to do all kinds of stuff on weekdays. Especially at the time of interstate relocation. Therefore, we have an experienced and reliable removalist team (truck with a 2 man) that is always available for you whether it is a weekday or weekend to provide you with a smooth and hassle-free house removalists service in Perth.

Are there any hidden charges for house relocation?

All of our estimates are quoted are just for your rough calculation. The exact cost is determined after our surveyor comes and visits your property and will perform a pre-move survey. The price told to you after the pre-move survey will be the final price and there will be no other hidden charges.

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Everyone looks for the best and reasonable moving services. For the Affordable Removalists Sevices in Perth, you can rely on us without any doubt. We provide the best removal services in your budget.

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Our Moving service is always preferred first before anyone else Removal services. We provide packaging, transportation, and rearranging.

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Among all Removalists service in Perth, we have one of the fastest movers services. Our removal services are always available at your doorsteps. Our Man with a van expert completes the services within the estimated time.

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We have a professional and trained employees team in every stem of removals.  We have Residental removal experts and commercial removal experts, who make the flow of the moving process smooth

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Packing & Unpacking Perth

Packaging and Unpackaging

Bad packaging of goods, result in damaging the product. In our case, we take special care of items that are packed in a manner that makes it damage-free. For this, we have a skilled and experienced staff with proper equipment that is needed in the process

Moving the Packages on Time PERTH

Moving the Packages on Time

Our moving team makes sure the packages are delivered on time. We do our best to deliver the packages at the time promised. We have the best and cheap removal service in Perth.

Unpacking and Rearranging PERTH

Unpacking and Rearranging

The next step is unpacking and rearranging the items that you asked us to relocate. Our work is not only to deliver the packages but also to arrange them in a new place. The advantage that you get with our organization is that we also help you to rearrange the items just the way you want it to be.


Testimonial Best Removalists Perth

Their services are affordable and good. They have organized things pretty well. I would like to thank you for all your help with my move. Everything went smoothly while moving in and out. All of them were very helpful and cheerful! Love the work they did. I highly recommend Movers Who Cares.

Testimonial Best Removalists Perth

This company has the best workers. I am amazed at the great work you guys did. Thanks again for helping us with the move. The boys did an excellent job, they were professional, efficient, and gentle. Very impressed and pleased with how smoothly everything went on the day! I respect the way you coordinated.

Testimonial Best Removalists Perth

We have used The Removalists company many times in the last years for moves around the Perth area as a family of 4 with heaps of stuff. We will definitely use them again in the future. They were really excellent in all areas. We have phased a lot of experience with bad movers. We did a lot of research before we hired the MOVERS WHO CARE and it paid off. They were competitively priced, prompt, courteous, and incredibly well organized and careful with our belongings. Their crew worked very well together, a real "team". They constantly asked if we were happy with what they were doing and always asked if we wanted something moved to a different spot. Excellent communicators with great attitudes who clearly love their jobs. We would recommend them every time!

Testimonial Best Removalists Perth

This is just a short letter of appreciation for the professional manner we encountered from all your staff in our recent move from Perth. Special mention to your removalists team, nothing was a problem for them, especially placing things in rooms of our new home. We have already given your details to friends in Adelaide who have a move in the near future and we will continue to do so when asked. Thank you again. Our experience with your removalists team was great! The guys were on time, tried to work within the time allocations and yes, there were no breakages. Really eased our move, I highly recommend movers who care.


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