Questions we should ask the removalist company before finalizing the one.

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Perth Removalist Questions

Choosing a house removals company can be an important decision, one that can finally decide your moving day experience. Moving house is a stressful job, and your house removals company should be on support to help you at every step when required. They should make moving smooth, and you should feel confident in their abilities and knowledge.

It’s easy to get motivated by removalists that offer a cheaper rate, but cost-saving here can cost you more on the moving day if your items are damaged due to inexperience and poor handling. It pays to get a few quotes from different companies, and when analyzing the quotes, don’t make your decision based on price only.

But how are you supposed to know if a particular removalist company is the excellent balance of quality service and price? You should start by asking your removalist service provider some questions to evaluate what they can offer and how they will handle your moving day.

Here are the best Questions-Answers to ask your removalist company in Perth:

How is the removalist company going to move your belongings from Perth?

This question will help you understand what mode of transport they will be used to transport your belongings. Do they use a van or a truck, and if so how do they load and secure all of the items? If they use a container, how can they assure your items are safe as the container is on and offloaded?

Are the mover employees or do they hire contractors in Perth?

The answer to this question will help you understand the level of skill the movers have, and how secure your belongings will be in their concern. Permanent employees are also more liable to care about the status of the business they are working for, and so you can expect a higher level of service.

How much experience do they have in the removalist field(Perth)?

Similar to the question above, this can help you measure the professionalism the movers will have. The longer they have been working for, the more experience they have in reliably securing and transporting your belongings. For example, small, large, and heavier items such as a pool table, Piano Table more thickly shaped items and valuable items such as artifacts.

Will your belongings be safe during transportation from Perth?

The furniture removalist should be able to detail the various elements they will be used to securely move your belongings. This will typically include covers, bubble wrap, and cardboard, but can also include professional packing for more valuable items.

What is included in the quotation, when you book the services from Perth?

You should be informed of any additional costs that are not included in the Quotation if any. Ideally, the removalist should tell about all costs, rather than surprise you at the end of the moving day with extra or added fees in the bill.

What other services do they offer in Perth?

Many removalist companies in Perth can pack and unpack your home for you, offer short and long term storage, as well as all kinds of transportation from Perth. They may also be able to offer residential cleaning services for the house you are moving out of or the one you are moving into. Your removalist company will be able to assist you with any type of relocation, including office removals, international and interstate relocation.

How will they protect your fragile or expensive items when you move from Perth?

The removalist should have professional packing systems on hand to safely secure your belongings while in transportation. These typically include a combination of bubble wrap and cardboard. You can ask to see these options before relocation day to have peace of mind that your items will be safe and arrive in one piece.

Do they have any testimonials or recommendations from previous clients from Perth?

You should be able to find testimonials on their website from previous clients but be sure to also ask around about them to see if any of your friends and family have dealt with them. There is a range of online review sites you can reference to get an idea of the level of service they offer.

Are removalists a part of any Perth industry accreditations?

Industry associations and accreditations are a way for removalist companies to show they are aligned with the best practices in the industry and care about the level of service they offer their clients. The top accreditations in Australia and worldwide are the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA), The Australian International Movers Association (AIMA), and the Federation Internationale Des Demenageurs Internationaux (FIDI).

Do I need to pay a deposit before moving?

Find this out before you agree to the quote, so you understand your commitments. If you fail to pay a deposit because you weren’t aware of it, you may find that your movers might not turn up on moving day. The deposit may be necessary to secure the booking, so be sure to inquire about this beforehand.

Does the removalist company offer insurance in Perth?

If you’re moving particularly valuable items or moving some distance, it’ll pay to ask about insurance to cover your items should they be damaged during the move. Many companies offer transit insurance.


What is the removalists rate structure in Perth?

 Movers Who Cares rates are published in hourly blocks of time and are all exclusive of GST/Tax. You pay only for the time we arrive at your doorstep until the time we leave the drop off location. There is a 1-hour call out charge to cover the time it takes to get to and from your locations. We do not estimate duration of moves over the phone.

Can I get a firm quote in Perth?

Yes. If you need  Movers Who Cares can visit you at your home or office to provide you a full estimate and present a firm quote.


Do removalists company charge tolls in Perth?

Getting to and from your places  Movers Who Cares does not charge you tolls. If you direct us to use motorways ( removalists will discuss the route to the next premises on the day) we will add the toll charge at a cost to the invoice. Remember, using tolls cuts down our travel time and will end up saving you money.

Can I help the removalists in removal in Perth?

Sure. You may not enter our trucks due to liability reasons, but it is your stuff we are transporting, so you may help us move it to and from the back of the vehicle. If you do want to help to reduce costs we suggest you leave the large and heavy pieces to us (that is why you have employed us after all).  Movers Who Cares may ask you to follow our direction to ensure we coordinate your move in the most efficient way.

What are the Removalist payment terms in Perth?

Payment is strictly COD (cash on delivery).  Movers Who Cares does not accept cheques under any circumstances so please do not ask. When paying in cash please ensure you have enough money on you on the day of the move to settle your bill.

Do I need to fix my appliances for transport in Perth?

You should always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions. It is important that washing machines be prepared properly as these are easily damaged. Most front loading washing machines require the inclusion of stability bolts before transport. It is not our responsibility to fit these and any damage resulting from inadequate security will not be our responsibility.

Do I have to empty my box of draws in Perth?

Yes, apparel and goods are best packed into separate cartons. Not only will the furniture be more difficult when full, but the weight of the clothing may damage the draws when moving.

Will you disassemble and collect my furniture safely in Perth?

Our team will disassemble and reassemble furniture for your relocation. However, the disassembly and reassembly of swing sets and trampolines will incur further charges. Please notify our team upon booking if you require specialty items disassembled and reassembled.

When can we expect removalists to visit in Perth?

Removals can be hired for any time. As it is difficult to give an exact time of coming to our removals team will call you 30 minutes earlier to coming.

Will we get an attention phone call previous to removal from  MoversWhoCare?

Yes, one of our friendly staff members will call one day prior to removal.

Is there a cancellation fee in  “Movers Who Cares”. if cancellations are not made within 48 hours prior to removal?

Yes, there is a cancellation fee if cancellations are not made within 48 hours prior to removal.

Do I need to be present for our removal?

Yes, we do expect someone present at the time of removal unless we have been given permission to enter the premises. At delivery,  Movers Who Care sdoes require someone to be there to sign off at the end of the job as this is a circumstance of our terms and conditions.

Do I need to pay travel time?

Yes,  Movers Who Cares charges from the time the truck leaves our depot until it returns on completion of your removal. This price is charged additionally to the hourly rate.

Can I pack my own goods, when relocating?

Yes, you can pack your own goods. But If you do pack your own goods, the  Movers Who Cares will take no responsibility for any damage to packed items.

Will you move just one item for me?

Yes,  Movers Who Cares does relocate as little as one item. There is no job too big or too small.

How much notice do you need to make my booking confirmation?

This is one of our most asked topics. The best answer is as soon as you know what date you would like to move on. The more notice we have the more likely you are to book the date that best suits you. In some cases, “Movers Who Cares” will have availability to move you within a few days, but all this depends on how busy we are at the time. In peek seasons, such as Christmas and Easter, Perth. It is best to book at least 2 weeks prior to your move date.

Will you move pot plants?

Yes,  MoversWhoCare can move your pot plants. But we cannot ensure that they will be in the same health as when they were loaded if traveling long distances. If you are removing interstate you need to check on the quarantine regulations of your new state, as plants can be prohibited.

What items Removalists do not transport?

Basically anything that is flammable, explosive or toxic including items like aerosol cans, swimming pool treatments, pesticides, oil or cleaning solvents.      


What do I need to do when shifting to my new home?

  1. Create a list of what you will be moving to your new residence
  2. Contact  Movers Who Cares for the best price on your removal
  3. Sell, donate, or throw out anything you no longer want
  4. Book your removal
  5. Arrange Storage if required
  6. Start packing well before the day of the moving

What will I need for packing, if I hire a removalist in Perth?

Strong Boxes, Wardrobe Boxes with Hanger Bars, Packing Tape, Bubble Wrap, Wrapping Paper, Newspaper, Tissue Paper, Texter Markers

Notes for Wrapping when we hire a removalist in Perth?

Use bubble wrap, wrapping paper, or tissue paper to wrap all your breakables

The newspaper will leave ink spots on your bits and items and should only be used to cushion items that are already protected

Use towels, old linen, and blankets to wrap and cushion fragile items

Use zip-lock bags for small edges and ends that usually clutter your drawers

 MoversWhoCare is proud to be industry accredited, offering high-quality removals in Perth for over the decade. We offer a full range of removalist services, including short and long-term storage, and transit insurance.

Our team of removals specialists have many years of experience and can ensure the security and safety of your furniture. We’re happy to answer any questions you have about your moving day and how you can help make your moving day stress free.

To find out more, contact us at 1800-849-008 or request a free quote by visiting our website click here


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